Wheat coarse flour is a coarse textured wheat flour ground containing bran, germ and endosperm and is high in nutrients. Special wheat flour is milled from the endosperm part of the wheat kernel. It is suitable for all cooking and baking. It is also called all-purpose wheat flour or special wheat flour. The protein content of special wheat coarse flour is about 12 %. We utilize best type and quality of wheat to make wheat coarse flour.

  Wheat Coarse Flour

Wheat coarse flour is known as all purpose flour and is mainly used to prepare popular Indian recipes such as Ladu, Lapsi, Dal Bati, Bhakhari and various other uses in which wheat coarse flour is widely used. Baked products including breads, cakes, cookies, pastries and noodles are also made from wheat coarse flour.

These products made from fine grained flour tend to be heavier, denser and high on nutritional values. Nutritious wheat coarse flour absorbs liquid and retains it for a longer time. Indian wheat coarse flour contains maximum nutritional ingredients including Iron, Zinc, Riboflavin, Niacin and many such essential nutrients which is necessary for proper growth.

For preparing tasty recipes, one must choose pure, fresh and hygienic wheat coarse flour. Our high quality wheat coarse flour is supplied all over the globe and is consumed by home makers, restaurants, clubs, caterers etc.
Ingredients: Wheat
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