MILLET FLOUR - Bajri Flour
Bajari flour or Millet Flour is made from a small round grain resembling mustard seed. The millet flour has a slight nutty flavor. The millet is a small-seeded species of cereal crops. Millet or Bajra flour is nutritious as it contain iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamin b etc.  Millet Flour is very good for excellent health and longevity. Bajra flour is used in various cultures in many different ways such as a cereal, in soups, and for making dense, Roti, Rotala and chapatti. In india, Bajari flour is very popular to make bajri roti, barja na rotla, breads and many other recipes as ingredient.  In Russia millet is used to make millet porridge which is eaten as a sweet dish with meat or vegetable stews.
  Millet Flour, Bajri Flour

In China millet porridge is eaten with beans or sweet potatoes. In Germany millet is used in sweet dish made from apples and honey. Whereas, millet soup is used by new mothers to increase milk production and heal from child birth.

The millet grain is often thought of as the perfect birdseed, was used in Asia as a whole grain in cooking more than rice because of its extensive nutritional values. Whereas in USA is very uncommon to use millet flour, though it is beginning to gain popularity because of its gluten free qualities.

Millet flour tends to require a binding agent while used in cooking and is much more superior to wheat flour as it is very high in vitamin B, magnesium and potassium. The millet flour is a very healthy alternative to wheat flour because 35 grams of wheat flour contains approximately 4 grams of protein which is very close to wheat flour. In India millet flour is famous as Bajari flour and its usage is high in rural areas.  Millet flour is sweet in taste and so you can cut down sugar in many recipes. A little millet flour in breads gives a crunchy taste which is found delicious by many people.

In Russia it is eaten sweet (with milk and sugar added at the end of the cooking process) or savoury with meat or vegetable stews. In China it is eaten without milk or sugar, frequently with beans, sweet potato, and/or various types of squash; millet soup is commonly used by nursing mothers to aid in milk production and healing from childbirth. In Germany it is also eaten sweet (boiled in water with apples added during the boiling process and honey added during the cooling process).
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