Chana coarse flour is made by grinding gram dal. Chana Coarse flour is used to thicken sweet dish and used in farsan (Indian snacks), added to homemade veggie burger patties. It is used in making many sweet items popular in all over India. It is very popular amongst restaurants and Indian homemakers for preparing Indian dishes. Chana coarse flour also known as gram flour is made from ground chickpeas also known as chickpea flour, garbanzo flour or besan. Indian chana flour in comparison to other flours contains high proportion of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and many such nutritional components. However, chana flour doesn’t contain gluten.

The best part of chana coarse flour for veggies is that chana flour when mixed with balanced proportion of water can act as a coating for various fried receipes and a substitute for egg. It is the staple ingredient of various food items in different parts of India.

Due to its rich nutritional values, it is also used in Italian cuisines, French cuisines and in various parts of South and Southeast Asia. Apart from its use in various food items and enhanced fried items, it is also used as a facial mask especially popular amongst the Indian females.
Ingredients: Gram Dal
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