"Handvo" is a cherished Gujarati recipe which can be called a steamed vegetable cornmeal cake, which  is filled with many nutritious ingredients. The Handvo flour is a mixture of rice, chana dal and corn. The handvo flour is then mixed with yogurt, spices and healthy vegetables, then allowed to ferment for a particular period before steaming in a vessel. This recipe leads to a soft, delicious and healthy snack which can be enjoyed with tea or chutneys. It is a beautiful blend of flour, fresh vegetables, spices and yogurt which can be taken as a breakfast or a fulfilling dinner.
  Handvo Flour, Dhokla Flour
Dhokla is a nutritious snack from Gujarat in India and is enjoyed all over the country. Dhokla flour consists of rice and chickpeas which is fermented over night and then spiced with chilli, ginger and baking soda. The dhokla batter is then steamed to make delicious dhoklas which can enjoyed with chutney.

Handvo and Dhokla are very famous Indian dishes especially in Gujarat. These both are well known gujarati dishes. Handvo Flour/ Dhokla Flour is made from mixing proportional quantity of Rice and Dal. Handvo- Dhokla flour is useful in making various types of dhokla and Handvo.

There are various types of Dhokla and handava popularly used in hotels, restaurants, marriage and other functions such as Sandwich Dhokla, baked Handava . Handvo and dhoklas are well known Farsans in Gujarati Dishes. To make delicious dhoklas and handva, it is necessary to use pure and hygienic dhokla flour and handva flour.
Ingredients: Rice, Gram Dal
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