Idli is a famous South Indian dish. Idli specially serve with tasty sambhar and coconut chutney. In South India, Idli is popular as morning snacks. Everywhere in South India, you will come across idlis which are spongy, round, fermented rice cakes. Idli looks like a bun and has the mealy quality of bread, but the taste is altogether different as idli is made from a combination of rice flour and urad dal which is also known as idli flour.
  Idli Flour

Idli flour is made from mixing proportional quantity of rice and udad dal. The proportion of rice and dal is very important in making Idli Flour. The quality of idli flour is very important for preparing soft idli.

After grinding rice and urad dal both the flours are mixed in a proper proportion and it needs proper fermentation overnight. After that the batter is steamed to prepare soft and delicious idlis.

It is necessary to use pure, fresh and hygienic idli flour to prepare delicious and nutritious idlis. If the rice flour and urad dal is not used in a accurate proportion to prepare the idli flour, the idlis become hard and doesn’t taste good.

We ensure that the idli flour provided by us is of best quality which will never disappoint you even if you use it after storing it for a long duration.
Ingredients: Rice, Udad Dal
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