Raagi is a kind of millet. It contains high proteins and has advantages of slow digestibility and high calcium content. High-protein biscuits are made with raagi flour. The white grain varieties of raagi have more thiamine and protein. Raagi flour is used in the preparation of rotis, dosa, porridge, and other foods. Raagi flour is also known as Kurakkan flour in Karnataka, India. This ground raagi flour can also be consumed with milk, boiled water or yogurt.
  Raagi Flour

There are different uses of Raagi flour in different parts of India. In Gujarat Raagi flour is used in preparing bhakhri (flat bread) whereas in Karnataka, raagi flour is used in preparing raagi balls which are consumed in the morning to retain strength throughout the day.

In India, Ragi recipes are hundreds in number and even common food stuffs such as dosa, idly and laddu are made out of ragi.

With so many delicious dishes made up ragi flour around and being aware of the nutritional and medicinal significance of ragi flour, we should take a decision to increase the cultivation and usage of the outstanding grain. The dishes made out of Raagi flour also act as a wholesome diet for diabetic and obese people.

It also serves as a cheaper alternative for milk as it is rich in protein and calcium. To make raagi dishes long lasting, we can also prepare raagi biscuits.

After knowing so many health benefits, we should be taking raagi flour daily in our diet. So buy pure, fresh and hygienic raagi flour from us and give a healthy and nutritious diet to your family.
Ingredients: Raagi (a kind of millet)
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