Suji, also known as semolina is obtained from wheat, jowar, bajra, raagi and other grains and is a coarse powder used for making various dishes like suji ka halwa, upma, dhokla, pani puri, bhakri balls, bhat etc.
  Semolina Flour

It is also used in preparing many Indian snaks as wellas dishes as an important ingredient. In south India, suji or semolina flour is made to prepare dosa, idli etc. and it is also well known for coating different fried items to give a crispy taste.

Not only in India, semolina flour is also used in different countries like Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Arab Countries to prepare “Halwa”. In some cultures, it is served at funerals, during special celebrations, or as a religious offering.

It is necessary to consume pure, fresh and hygienic semolina flour to prepare tasty sweets and dishes. Semolina flour is widely used by restaurants, caterers and Homemakers to prepare Indian and Continental dishes of today.
Ingredients: Wheat
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