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B. H. Modi, the pioneer flour manufacturer, exporter, supplier and wholesaler in India, offers finest quality flour of various types to cater the need of domestic and international market.

Our main aim is to serve our domestic and international customers by supplying quality flour consistently. Stability of our flour quality is provided by continuous quality control, by our experienced staff and by accumulated know how throughout years. We keep our products in best conserve condition for the preservation of nutrients, texture, and flavour of the flour.

Located in Ahmedabad, the metro city of India in Gujarat State, which is facilitated with all types of transportation, communication & other facilities enables the growth of any industry. The state is also advance in the field of agriculture. The easily availability of fresh and quality grains give good benefit to provide highest quality flour products to our domestic and worldwide customers.

We are supplying various types of Indian flour widely used in India, Asian countries as well as many countries in the world. Our range of Indian flours hold the most distinctive taste flavor and aroma. Our extensive range of flour products includes Wheat Flour, Wheat Coarse Flour, Chickpea Flour (Besan Flour), Corn Flour (Makai Flour) , Dhokla Flour,  Maida Flour, Rice Flour, Dhosa Flour, Bajri Flour (Millet Flour), Handvo-Dhokla Flour, Raagi Flour, Lapsi Fada, Idli Ravo Flour, Idli Flour, Soyabean Flour, Suji, Chana Coars and many other types of flour.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, hygienic, fresh flours to our customers at fair prices. Quality creates value and we make the difference. We understand the value of service. The company prides itself on developing products, which exceed market expectations.

For us quality is the key to success and we are empowered with all aspects of delivering it. By hi-quality executions we have reached a high level of recognition. We manufacture products as per standard specifications.

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All products are available in bulk packaging of 500 grs., 10 kg., 25 kg.,
and 50 kg. or as per quantity requirement in wholesale.
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