MAIDA FLOUR - General Purpose Flour
Maida Flour is nothing but highly refined wheat flour. Maida is extracted from the inner white portion of the wheat after the outer brownish layer is removed. After the grinding of the flour in a flour mill, it is passed through a fine 600 mesh per square inch to obtain maida. It is used to make various Indian bread items like puri, paratha, chappathi, Naan, Kulcha etc. Various pastries and other bakery items like bread, biscuits, toast etc. are also made from maida. Maida is also known as General Purpose Flour by Indian chefs as it is widely used in festival season for preparing varieties of snacks and bakeries for making biscuits.
  Maida Flour

Maida is widely used not only in Indian cuisine but also used in central Asian and south Asian cuisine.

Maida is the refined flour of wheat flour which makes it less nutritious. The whole wheat flour contains the outer brown layer which Maida doesn’t contain.

That is the reason, wheat flour is considered more nutritious than Maida flour. But there are some recipes which cannot made without Maida like pastries, Naan, Kulcha and other Indian snacks.

In these food items, wheat flour cannot be used as it will not give that crisp taste which Maida flour can give. Maida flour is superior in taste and quality which is also affordable and can be stored for longer durations. Maida flour is popular amongst confectionery shops, hotels, bakeries etc.
Ingredients: Wheat
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